why a AkaPeople

The strategy of bringing out a new paradigm of performance and of generating value in the market in which it operates, is grounded in a wide range of principles and practices that mark the difference in the service that akapeople delivers. These are some of the differentiation factors you can expect from akapeople:

specialization and extensive experience

akapeople believes its clients must meet specialized professionals that speak the same language;

exclusive networking

Our team of professionals has been developing throughout the years a strong networking, keeping close ties based on trust and high levels of professionalism.  


philosophy and proactive market mapping: our research team interacts and maps talent in a proactive way, getting important feedback for the selection moment

cutting-edge technological interaction

It requires simplification, availability and being at the forefront of technology, when it comes to the media and its respective management tools. 

in-depth knowledge of the market

Our solid knowledge and long experience within the business has allowed us to collaborate with large multinational and national reputed and irreverent start-ups.

talents lab akapeople academy

Talent academy creation in partnership with our clients in order to respond to the gaps of the market.

Looking for a successful career?

We identify market trends and the best opportunities by providing effective support in career counseling and management.

Sendus your CV and leave us your questions

  • “First your talents, your dreams, your life projects, your expectations, your interests, your needs, your happiness.

    First our customers, our candidates, our employees. People first!”

    Pedro Mota

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